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Kid's Meditation Guided Imagery Script for Childhood Stress


Guided Imagery and Kids Relaxation is a wonderful way to help children deal with stress.  With a CD or your own voice, you can help children relax but also give them tools to deal with stress and difficulties.

One deep breathing technique is called the balloon breath. This breath is a basic yoga breath but taught through visualization. Try the balloon breath now. Relax your body. Take in a slow, deep breath, filling up your tummy as if it were a big balloon. Keep your chest still, as you allow the air to go right down to your stomach and fill up your big balloon. Give your balloon a color, feel and watch as your tummy gets really big! Blow it up big and slowly... filling it all up. And now, exhale slowly and calmly. Feel your entire body relax as as you exhale.....

You can EASILY TEACH this basic balloon breath which will have your students or children feeling better in seconds! Breath in to a count of 4 or 5 to begin with. Work up so your big balloon breaths become larger and larger. This will develop and train your body for correct breathing. This decreases stress in the body and helps release endorphins so you and your children feel good! Try this several times a day. Ask your child to practice the balloon breath with you and get into the habit of using it with your child right before and after school or other activities. It's fun to do and very relaxing for everyone.

Another relaxation technique you can use is to do a guided meditation with your child. It gets easier the more you practice doing them. Simply start out with a short kids' meditation script like the example that follows.


Peaceful Kids - Guided Imagery Script for Kids Stress & Worry


You have permission to copy the following kids guided imagery and meditation script to print out for your own personal or classroom use.

(Once your child is lying down and comfortable, simply repeat the following, speak slowly and deliberately. Pause or exaggerate the underlined words or when it feels comfortable)

"Let's learn how to relax our bodies and minds tonight. Are you comfortable? OK, now let's start with something called a Balloon Breath. Let's breath in very deeply and fill up our tummy like we're filling up a big balloon. Doesn't that fill good? Give your balloon a color. What color is your balloon? Make it really big and beautiful, as you fill it up completely. Breathing in from your nose, fill up your balloon completely and when it's full, exhale the air out and watch your balloon completely deflate! Isn't that amazing? Again a very deep breath, and now, exhale... very good.

Now just imagine that you are floating on a huge, white cloud. Feel how this fluffy light cloud totally supports your body and makes you feel so peaceful and light. The cloud seems to wrap itself around you so comfortably so you feel safe and warm. You have a feeling of being loved and cared for. It feels so great.  Feel yourself floating on this soft wispy cloud, enjoying the gentle motion of this loving cloud as it glides and softly sways. There is a feeling of total peace and easiness.... it feels so wonderful to just relax here.

Now in just a moment, there is a large balloon that is going to float up near your float. This balloon is your blow away worry balloon. It's going to take away any worry you have, far far away. See that balloon coming up, floating close to your cloud. Picture the balloon any color you want. Now, put any worry of fear you have up into the balloon..... just watch that worry go into the balloon and see how tightly and nicely the big balloon holds onto that worry for you. Whatever it is that you are worried about, just see that going into the big balloon. Feel it lifting up out of your body and going straight into that balloon. The balloon is helping you and loves to take away that worry for you. Now, the balloon is quickly floating far far away. In the distance now, you see that balloon just pops a HUGE pop! And your worry is completely gone! How wonderful that feels! Now you see another balloon floating up to you on your nice fluffy cloud. This balloon is a different color. What color is this balloon? Now this is another blow away worry balloon and it's here to help! So put another worry into this balloon and watch it do the same as the first did.... it quickly floats far far away and then POPS! Wow... this is really amazing!  (Continue with new balloons coming until you ask...)

Do you need anymore balloons or are all your worries gone? (Proceed according to your child's answer, if there are more worries, use more balloons, if not continue with script).  If you look below you now, you will see that in fact there is someone down there sending up these beautiful helpful big balloons to you. It's someone you love very much and who loves you very much! How wonderful it is to know you are so loved and cared for! Wave to that person and send love back as a Thank You! Just by imagining you are sending love to that person, you are. So send love now.

Now that all your worries are gone, you start to feel the sun shining it's beautiful warm rays done on you. You start to feel a very warm, loving feeling in your heart. You feel so wonderful and so loved! You are such a wonderful and special child! You are unique and amazing. Always remember that and keep that special feeling in your heart all the time. There is no one else like you. You are a very important part of the Universe and no one can do exactly what you do in the way you do it.

Now when you are ready, you can float back down on your soft cloud and back to this room. It was a wonderful journey!"

Now it's time for hugs and kisses goodnight! Wasn't that EASY? Guiding a meditation with your child IS truly easy to do and a lot of fun. You'll find that you will develop a very strong emotional bond and your child will truly be amazed at your ability to take them on magical journeys and help them alleviate their worries! In a child's mind,  the journey has been very real. I like to close my eyes and get into the scene with my children. Your creativity is sparked and you can do whatever you want in your story! Magic happens here!

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