Teachers' Live Workshop, 1/20/18 9am-1pm

The Relaxed Classroom Workshop Fanwood, NJ

Learn how to bring Stress Management Skills to your Classroom while Boosting Self-Esteem,  Managing Kids' Anxiety & Improving Peer Relationships!

  • Understanding Stress and its Consequences in the Classroom
  • Creative Visualization and its Implications
  • Guided Relaxation / Guided Imagery
  • Creative Visualizations Games
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Relaxation Exercises
  • Heighten Self Esteem
  • Improve Peer Relationships
  • Stop Bullying
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Class Balance and Harmony
  • Achievement
  • Stress Management
  • Better Subject Retention

Want to bring Relax Skills into your classroom?

In this half day informative and fun workshop, you will learn how to implement calm and relaxation skills into your classroom for better classroom performance and to improve the lives of the students you teach both in and outside of school! You'll learn how to alleviate classroom stress and improve grades through relaxation techniques Mellisa has taught for over a decade to parents, children and teachers. Come and experience guided imagery for yourself along with learning how to create more compassion in your students, how to heighten their self-esteem, reduce bullying and build more classroom respect.

In additional to live training, you'll also receive a printed The Relaxed Classroom manual, Physical CDs you can use in the classroom as well as my children's book "Imagine That!" which includes wonderful guided imageries you can use with your students!

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Your investment of $100 includes everything.