Certified Children's Relaxation Teacher Training Worldwide - ShambalaKids Instructor Relax Class Training

Teach Stress Management, Boost Self-Esteem, Help Kids Manage Anxiety, Teach Core Values and more through activities, games, crafts, fun and guided imagery!

Become a Certified ShambalaKids Instructor and make a difference in the lives of Children!

Are you ready to make an amazing difference in the lives of children and help them gain confidence, self esteem and tools they need to thrive in life?

Just imagine all those smiling, happy faces and all the lives you'll touch as you share kids' relaxation techniques, stress busting tools and help kids learn valuable emotional literacy skills through games, guided imagery and fun activities in your relaxation classes. These are skills they'll use throughout their entire lives. Imagine making such a HUGE difference in the lives of these children. Imagine the impact on the world!

We can help you achieve your dream! Whether you’re looking to start a new business, increase your offerings, or teach children you already council, we invite you to train with us!

In our dynamic kids' relaxation teacher training which can be done completely online, you will learn children's relaxation techniques, stress management techniques for kids, how to use age-appropriate guided imagery and your own special voice to induce relaxation in children. You'll learn self-esteem and relaxation games, movement exercises, calming techniques, how to help children increase self-esteem and more!

You will receive everything you need to begin teaching children's relaxation and meditation methods right after graduation. All the children's relaxation training, start-up class lesson plans, relaxation scripts you need, plus a suggested business guide to get started teaching your passion!

What your Training Includes & What You'll Lean

Information and audio packed course encourages your own self-growth while learning skills you need to deliver, encourage and be a positive influence in children's lives

  • Complete Teachers Training Manual
  • Full Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Audio Training for each Chapter
  • 5 full downloadable CDs for your Kid's Relaxation Classes
  • Printable Handouts & Activity Sheets
  • Professional Editable Brochure
  • Personalized Certificate mailed to your home
  • Study online from anywhere!
  • Receive personalized support throughout your training
  • Personal Growth and support on your journey as a teacher of Kid's Relaxation
  • Best Business Practices & how to set up and start
  • Sample enrollment forms and business cards etc
  • Become an official ShambalaKids Instructor
  • Listing on the ShambalaKids website with your contact info, classes &/or site
  • be a part of our Private FB group
  • Ongoing classes & designations available to SK instructors only (ADHD etc)
  • Become a part of our ShambalaKids family
  • You can complete the program in as little as 4 weeks or up to three months
  • Full access to our Teacher's Training Cloud
  • Children's Stress Management Techniques and how to teach them
  • Correct breathing for children's well being and health
  • Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
  • How to teach kids to be Self Confident
  • How to help children relax themselves
  • Age appropriate guided visualization and how to use it with children
  • Movement and FUN games that are cooperative and spirited!
  • All about kid's self talk and how to help them change negative self talk
  • Positive affirmations and how to use & teach them to kids
  • Teach children to relax themselves with special kid-friendly techniques
  • Specifically designed kids' worry-release techniques
  • How to teach kids mindfulness in the classroom
  • Classroom Management techniques for the new teacher and MORE!
  • The importance of your unique Voice & Training in pitch, intonation & delivery
  • Learn to teach values, stress management and self-confidence through fun, interactive lessons in your studio, home or classroom
  • Learn all about the specialized life skills and emotional literacy foundation behind the classes
  • Move beyond relaxation skills and teach the fundamentals of healthy living and mindfulness that translate into life lessons
  • Do personal development throughout the course & beyond, learn relaxation and meditation skills and use them for yourself during the course for personal growth and analysis


Normally, relaxation classes for kids are 45 minutes to one hour long. In the lesson plans provided in your training, we include a whole lot of fun, movement, cooperative games and we teach you how to teach much needed emotional literacy life skills to children – stress management, self esteem, positive mindset and of course, relaxation.

What does a typical Children’s Relaxation Class look like?

In our lesson plans, we lay out classes based on 45 minutes to one hour of fun, interaction time! The time seems to fly by, teachers have fun, kids have a blast and everyone walks away with valuable new skills and knowing a little bit more about themselves. This is how each class and lesson plan is structured:

  • Welcome Time
  • Stretch & Movement
  • Game / Activity Time
  • Lesson Time
  • Imagination Time
  • Guided Relaxation & Meditation Time (ShambalaKids®
  • audio or your Voice)

It’s nice for children to take something home – They will take home one CD to practice with every night and also whatever craft activity has been worked on in class that day – this could be a colored mandala, a peace flag, affirmation cards, ‘magic’ glasses or another type of craft or handout.

Our training is different in that you’re not only teaching relaxation. You’re empowering children to reduce stress, feel amazing inside and know how to deal with life’s challenges. Many instructor students are surprised to learn how much personal growth FOR THEMSELVES happens while they study this course!

As a ShambalaKids® Children’s Relaxation Teacher, we have done the hardest part for you - we've created full set of classes (completely ready to use out of the box!) These lessons are creative, fun and exciting for children. We all want children to love relaxing and using the life skills to be able to handle anything life throws at them in a calm, serene way. The lessons provided to you during your training are based on the following:


  • Relax class lesson plans (8 for each age group)
  • Designed for a small group setting but adapts well to the classroom or even one on one
  • You’ll be able to give individualized attention to each student
  • You can teach classes starting from age 4 or 5
  • Depending on your locale and setting, you can easily earn $15 - $20 per class, per child. If you have 10 children enrolled in one program session, you will earn $1200 for that program session on the lower end of that average. Many teachers charge upward of $200 per session, per student. You can decide to hold one full program at a time, or one every day. This allows your income potential to be completely up to you while doing fulfilling work that you can be truly proud of. You will making a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the life of every child you teach. 
  • Q.When can I start?

    A.Start your instruction today! Online Classes start anytime. After payment, you will receive a special log in and you can begin your training. This includes class manual and business manual, online training audios, lesson plans, Kids’ relaxation scripts, plus guided imagery audios to download or listen to online. You can begin as soon as tuition is received and  you receive access to your teacher’s training.

  • Q.What is the length of the Course?

    A.You have up to three months to finish the course. You may ask for an extension if needed but it’s usually unnecessary. The course can be finished in as little in 4 weeks for the motivated teacher.

  • Q.How do I start actually teaching?

    A.In your manual there is a full outline of suggested start up practices that will guide you through what can be done in setting up your business. This will guide you in establishing your new business or adding Kids’ Relaxation Classes to your current offerings.

  • Q.Do kids really SIT for relaxing and guided imagery?

    A.Usually they lie down, and they love it! We teach you to alternate play time with quiet time, so teaching relaxation follows the natural ebb and flow of the day. Children will not sit for long periods of time and we don’t expect them too. Life skills are taught in bite-sized lessons and lots of fun in added in the mix to keep kids wanting to come back for more!

  • Q.Do I need special qualifications?

    A.No. You just need to really love kids and have an open heart! Ideally, you have some experience in using guided imagery and/or meditation and working with kids. My guess is that’s what brought you here.  I will teach you how to use your voice for relaxation and the training lays out everything for you. No worrying about lesson plans or what to do next with the kids. Our training doesn’t leave you guessing. Teaching adults is different from teaching children. But we’ll give you the tools to feel confident in teaching in the classroom.

  • Q.Do kids really SIT for relaxing and guided imagery?

    A.Usually they lie down, and they love it! We teach you to alternate play time with quiet time, so teaching relaxation follows the natural ebb and flow of the day. Children will not sit for long periods of time and we don’t expect them too. Life skills are taught in bite-sized lessons and lots of fun in added in the mix to keep kids wanting to come back for more!

  • Q.What about ADHD in my classes?

    A.Love it & embrace it! This program will teach you all about classroom management. We also have a separate program for ADHD relax classes if you choose to add that in. ADHDers, with the right guidance can become your most enthusiastic students and cheerleaders. They can help keep your class energy high and happy! You’ll learn all about this in the program. ADHDers are amazing and need to learn to work with their gift. 

  • Q.What is my certification?

    A.Certified Children’s Relaxation Teacher. You can use CCRT behind your name. You will be certified in the ShambalaKids Relaxation Method.

Kristi Raisch, CHHC, Holistic Health Coach, CCRT Kristi Raisch, CHHC, Holistic Health Coach, CCRT

The ShambalaKids Relaxation Training is an amazing program. The first of it’s kind in the United States, it prepares you and gives you all the necessary tools to teach Relaxation Classes to children. Mellisa Dormoy has done a wonderful job preparing the training manual, curriculum and guided meditation Cd's to start and grow your Kids' Relaxation classes. I cannot stress enough how important this is to our children and communities. The Kids' Relax classes teach children about stress management, relaxation and breathing techniques, self-esteem, self-confidence, positive thinking skills, visualization and more. I can only start to imagine the BIG impact this program is going to have on children and their emotional health, when they learn all of these techniques. Invaluable!

 Peggy Gaines, RN, BSN, CCRT Peggy Gaines, RN, BSN, CCRT

I have thoroughly enjoyed studying your children's relaxation training. The material you presented is thoughtfully constructed and assembled with love. It is a quality program and I am so happy that I found it. I feel it is a gift that you have given to the children of the world.

Diana Consalvo, CCRT Australia Diana Consalvo, CCRT Australia

I have found your course to be very informative. Since taking this on, I must say the greatest reward is seeing the reactions from the children. I have found that they crave this information and are overjoyed to receive it. The teachers I have worked with are equally delighted to have the information I provide them. Its a win win all round. Parents are becoming more and more interested in this type of learning for their children and whilst you and I know that really we are born with this innate wisdom, many families are struggling to make the connection. I am so blessed to be able to help them, they really teach me!!! That is the greatest gift for me.
I also feel blessed to have been able to have you as my teacher, your passion is infectious and I can tell how much you love it.
Blessings and love to you all.
With my deepest gratitude, Diana

Kristi Crawford, CCRT Kristi Crawford, CCRT

elaxation training program. It prepares you with the necessary tools to teach relaxation classes to children. The manual is rich in information about lesson plans, craft ideas and ways to start your business. I love how self esteem, positive affirmations and overall wellness is tied into the classes. This is going to have such a positive impact on the lives of so many kids who live in a very high paced pressured society.
Thank you for the information. I am so happy I found this amazing opportunity.

Ellen Strum, CCRT Ellen Strum, CCRT

I want to say a big thank you to Mellisa Dormoy for creating this wonderful certified children’s relaxation teaching course I am so excited to teach these tools to our young people. The CDs that Mellisa provides have wonderful techniques and scripts on them for you which is a good reference when you need it.

The self-esteem and other life tools that are taught in the class will empower young people and makes them feel more peaceful along with the relaxation techniques that they will learn also.

What a wonderful opportunity for our young people to have available. I would have loved to have had this when I was young so I would have a better understanding of how things work in the world with regard to our thinking, our thoughts, out emotions and how we can channel our stress.

Thank you again Mellisa for this great opportunity that I now have and will love teaching too!

Lisa Beisel, CCRT, Australia

I loved everything about this course, it is perfect for the type of business I am wanting to offer my community. The audio children's relaxation training was fantastic. I was able to listen and take notes at the same time. I was excited that lesson plans were also made available...it is a fantastic to have the examples there to guide me. This course has been extremely beneficial for me.
I have read a lot of books relating to positive thinking and self esteem / love. This course has made it easier for me to relay my passion of relaxation, meditation, positive thinking and self love to children.

Heather Redd-Charles Heather Redd-Charles

I loved the ShambalaKids Relax Course. Never a moment when the material couldn't be directly applied to my 13yr old. I was learning and at the same time helping my daughter and my whole household feel the positive shift. In life you must lead by example and this course will make you a better more positive and confident person. I would recommend this course to every parent I know. ShambalaKids Course will help your children learn to navigate well their course in life and give parents the ability to trust them to do just that. I believe the most beneficial part of this course came as a complete surprise to me. What i found most beneficial was how much I have changed since I began training for Shamabala Kids. It's surprising because I set out to change the world and I realized how much I needed to change myself.

ShambalaKids® is leading the way in children’s relaxation and meditation in the USA. We’re looking for highly motivated, inspired people who love children and understand the benefit of children learning life skills.

We teach relaxation at ShambalaKids®, but we really teach so much more! We move beyond general relaxation to help kids with true life skills – such as stress management, self esteem, mindfulness, living according to a healthy value system, improving relationships, positive mind set and more!

For almost a decade and a half, Mellisa Dormoy CHt, has provided relaxation and meditation training to kids and teens. Now she’s developed this program to enable others to offer a quality educational program that is synonymous with healthy living and feeling good.

We all want to be able to help our next generation create a new, kinder, gentler way to live – both in their personal worlds, and in the world at large.

Now you can help children all around you learn these skills! If you would like to study under Mellisa’s guidance, and learn how to do what she’s been doing for the last decade, here is your chance to discover the techniques, teachings and skills she imparts to kids and teens.