Stress Release, Self-Esteem & Motivation Guided Relaxations & Meditation for Teens

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Beneficial for children, teens, parents and adults... 
The CD's have been beneficial for children, teens, parents and adults. They have provided a means for grounding, for mindfulness and for practicing relaxation and stress management techniques.

Victoria Gutierrez-Kovner, Pyschotherapist

Wonderful helps for stressful teens!  My daughter is 16 years old and in highschool these days it is very stressful. When we first tried this Cd I thought well we will see how it goes. She loves them. The Cd really helps her to relax and calm down after a very stressful day at school. I am so happy that we got this cd. It has helped my daughter more then I could ever tell you. I am very pleased and happy with the outcome.

Becky G., SAHM

Exceptional tool for my teenager.  I ordered this CD for my teen who was starting high school. Although a straight A student in middle school, he was flunking math and science the first few weeks in high school due to extreme stress, pressure to get good grades and overwhelming test anxiety. After we received the CD, he was skeptical at first, but gave it a try anyway.He listened to it every night for about a week, then intermittently. Within a week, his anxiety was manageable, and he began to relax, and feel better about the stress. There were talks with teachers in between, a lot of math tutoring from dad, and long talks between us as well, but I feel the CD was instrumental in having him believe that it was possible to manage his test anxiety and stress. This belief opened his mind to listening to his teachers and parents, and consequently, he is back to straight As in high school. I also listened to this CD myself, and it's my go-to tool for meditation and relaxation when life gets too hectic and stressful. The CD addresses all the issues teens (and adults) deal with on a daily basis, and it is a valued pathway in our household for managing that stress. The voice on the CD is pleasant, the script is not condescending to teens, yet not too "out there" - very logical, supportive,honest, positive. I give ShambalaKids a huge thumbs up for coming up with this wonderful product to specifically address the types of stresses our kids are under these days. These stresses in many cases are unavoidable, but thanks to this CD, they are manageable. I have been recommending this to all of our friends.Buy this CD, you will not regret it!

Julia Bright

Give Your Teen the Gift of Self-Esteem!  I have been a high school teacher of teenagers for the past 16 school years, 15 of them in an inner-city high school. To say that teenagers are more stressed out today than ever before would be an understatement. I think, though, that even more troubling than the pressure and stress they have to deal with is the lack of tools we seem to have provided for them to deal with that stress. Most of the problems I see teens face come from not knowing what to do with the stress that they feel. Some talk out in class; others fight with their peers or parents; some turn to drinking, drugs, or cutting; and others end up in increasing trouble at home, school, and even with the law. It is often unreasonable to believe we can take away the pressures that teens feel, but we can give them coping mechanisms. Mellisa Dormoy's Guided Relaxation Self Esteem for Teens Audio CD is an amazing tool that we can give to the teens that we love. Mellisa takes teens on a relaxation journey to learn to relax their whole body and mind. After relaxing teens are guided through a series of affirming thoughts and positive thinking. While listening to the audio teens can really learn to relax and become more positive in their thinking about themselves. The goal of the audio is to teach teens to use the relaxation techniques anywhere, anytime that they are feeling stressed out. The affirmations and positive thinking techniques taught by Mellisa are meant to become part of your teen's everyday thinking patterns. I believe that this audio (CD or MP3 file) is a great gift to give every teen in your life. There is no greater gift to give teens than the gift of self-esteem.

Susan Wood

Self Esteem for Teens...  I bought this for my 8th grader for Christmas. She loves it - finds it soothing and relaxing. She put it on her Ipod (for when things get rough at school) and listens before bed. This has been a great help for the daily struggles of middle school!

Mary H. PhD HSPP

"the rainforest visualization part is so calming"  Hi Mellisa, I think it is a wonderful meditation. Before we gave it to my partner's 11 years old daughter we both listened to it and thought how good it would have been if we could have access to something like this when we were teenagers. She enjoyed it too. She thinks the rainforest visualization part is so calming and when she takes a shower in real, she always imagines she is where you take her... It is a bit early to say its impact on her self confidence and other changes, but she definitely goes to sleep much easier than before. I mentioned to her you have other kind of meditations too. She can't wait to get them. Thank you, Mellisa.

E. Szanto