Bedtime Package

Available as Downloads or as a 3 CDs Package, see full description below

What's included in your package:

Dolphin Relaxation Adventure: helps children feels good about themselves and their abilities

Recommended for ages 4 and up. This perfect general relaxation CD helps your child feel good, be worry-free and sleep easily! Children will go for a ride with their special friend, the dolphin, meeting sea animal friends along the way as they learn to develop self-trust. This adventure encourages an easy transition into sleep time, teaches deep breathing to calm the body and mind, and helps kids feels good about themselves and their abilities. It also uses fun and age-appropriate worry-release techniques!

Benefits: Healthy self-confidence, Trusting self, Positive self-visualization, Recognizing inner strengths, Stress reduction, Sound sleep, High self-esteem

Peaceful Sleep, Guided Relaxation: For Worry-Free Bedtime!

Peaceful Sleep Guided Relaxations for a Worry-Free Bedtime consists of five guided imagery sessions especially developed to reduce anxiety in children. Each relaxation uses the power of your child’s imagination to enter a calm, relaxed state and then continues with special imagery techniques to release worries, fears and anxiety.

Many children experience excessive worry and intruding thoughts, particularly at bedtime. The sessions provided here help your child not only to relax, but teaches them how to deal with unwanted thoughts, and feel safe and comfortable. This CD gives your child magical, yet very real tools to eliminate those fears and drift off into deep sleep, feeling stress-free, calm and confident. Ages 3 +

Sessions include:  Goodbye to Nighttime Fears  (5:24), Magic Umbrella Relaxation  (8:10), Shower Of Love  (7:03), Sparkling Diamond  (10:01), Treasure Chest  (10:00)

Joyful Parenting: complete relaxation of mind and self improvement

Parenthood is one of the greatest gifts ever given – and one of the greatest challenges. Children serve as mirrors of our own inner experience; they reflect aspects of who we are, and help us grow and evolve. In this beautifully guided meditation CD you will be led through a total body relaxation to relieve stress and calm the mind and body. The meditation will then take you further into visualization work and positive suggestions to bond the warm, close family relationships you truly desire.

Benefits: Complete relaxation of body and mind, Inner work and self improvement, Stress reduction, Visualization exercises, Create a positive family dynamic