Teach children the Power of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking for Kids

There are two sides to every story, two ways of looking at everything.  There is literally a silver lining, no matter how obscure, to every cloud in your sky.

But kids have to be taught to look for that silver lining. It comes naturally to some, and to some, it's extremely difficult. But any loving parent, or a special teacher, can make all the difference in the life of a child. There are so many valuable teaching moments in any given day. Every moment you spend with a child is an opportunity and learning is always occurring. Your behavior, reactions and responses are your teaching tools. And those tools speak much louder than your words.

Positive thinking is a skill that any loving adult can teach to any child. It's the encouraging word and the sharing in the belief that there is always an opportunity and good things right around the corner. It is also called the sharing of hope.

Positive thinking begins as a seed of hope planted in the mind of a child. It is hope that their life will and does make a difference. The idea that a child's life is important and holds abundant meaning. When you look a child in the face, no matter what social, economical, behavioral background they come from - that child matters, and he or she can change the world!

How do you teach Positive Thinking?
Start practicing gratitude for the little things in life. Play a game with children:  who can cite the most things you each are grateful for in your life? Do this when things seems hard or life gets you down. Be grateful... and suddenly the dark clouds begin to move. You can bring a child out of negative thinking as he focuses on good things that make him happy.
Take time to discuss and ask what positive things could come out of a seemingly negative situation. Be honest, sincere, upbeat and share your inspirations and insight!

Acknowledge that life can present challenges, but that those challenges are what make us grow the most! Life is all about learning to be a better person and standing up and creating a magnificent life. Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself. And that starts with your thoughts.

Being a guide and educator of children is a precious and important gift. By teaching positive thinking to children, you will be giving them hope for their future and tools to deal with life's challenges. You are helping them grow into strong, capable men and women of tomorrow.


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