Help your Teen Manage Stress and Increase Self Esteem

Guided imagery is fun for people of all ages. It is the setting out on a journey of the mind. Relaxation sets in and there is no confinement by standards or rules. The only limit with guided imagery is the limit placed on your own imagination.

When we were young we were taught not to daydream. Daydreaming is a waste of time and we need to pay strict attention to ?reality? we are told. But what we are not taught is that we construct and influence our whole lives with our imaginative creativity, there, in the recesses of our minds. Great inventors and entrepreneurs know this. What one can conceive in the mind, one can achieve. That conceiving starts with daydreaming.

To facilitate success and self-improvement, guided imagery was formally created. It is the art of guiding someone?s daydream really. Guided Imagery usually starts off by simply getting comfortable, settling the body in, and then closing the eyes to imagine a relaxing scene. The images, guided by the facilitator then continue to unfold as the story line captivates the listener with vivid detail and the impression of actually participating. The mind is very magical and just as you can daydream and imagine yourself clearly in a situation or with someone special, you can also create vivid images of success and happiness.

Guided imagery is becoming an increasing popular path to self-improvement. By following the positive images of the relaxation journey that is guided imagery, you will find yourself sleeping better at night, feeling more peaceful and relaxed during the day and better able to deal with daily life stresses. Guided Imagery is a proven stress management technique and is equally effective for teens.

Teens can use a simple guided imagery journey to achieve more peaceful sleep and better quality sleep. The positive benefits teens receive from guided imagery techniques help them improve relationships, feel better about themselves and feel more confident in showing their true inner self.

Teenage years prove to be difficult for many families, but it need not be so. If teens feel close to their families, listened to, respected and appreciated along with feeling good about themselves and their abilities; life becomes more enjoyable, for the teen and the whole family.

Teens can be taught simply guided imagery exercises for quick stress management. When stressful moments appear, teens can be asked to simply imagine exhaling stress and inhaling serenity. After five to ten breaths, calm is restored and the stress passes. By using a simple technique such as this, teens can experience inner calm that will help them through the day.

By using the balloon breathe at the end of the day or when calm is needed, teens learn to make relaxation a regular part of their daily experience. The Balloon Breath simply consists of imagining a giant deflated balloon in the belly. The goal is to inflate the balloon slowly and to the best of your ability. This actually requires steady deep breathing to accomplish the goal and therefore is a catalyst for deep, correct belly breathing. This technique has been used for thousands of years by Yogis and is very healthy for not only stress management but also for the body, oxygenating the brain and the immune system.

Another teen stress buster is to ask your teen to pay attention to the first thoughts of the day and make them positive. If we start the day off with the correct mindset, it tends to set a precedence for the whole day. Thoughts are things and they need to be watched carefully. A teen needs to understand that she is in control of her thoughts and not the other way around.

Use Imagery to influence a desired outcome. Ask your teen to imagine a desired outcome for a given situation and hold that image in his mind. We draw into our experiences what we focus on the most. If you teen understand this, he will be able to use imagery to help him throughout his whole life.

Teens naturally feel better about themselves when they feel they have some control over their lives and their surroundings. By using the above mentioned techniques, you can help your teen build high self-esteem and manage stress easily. These two alone will help your teen achieve much and live joyfully!

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