ADHD Kids and Guided Relaxation



Guided Imagery offers immediate benefits to children who show characteristics of ADHD, hyperactivity or simply for "busy Kids":



  •  Helps focus and concentrate
  •  Teaches kids how to calm themselves and stay calm when needed
  •  Helps channel abundant energy in creative, positive ways
  •  Helps focus and concentrate
  •  Encourages healthy self-esteem
  •  Release negative self-talk
  •  Helps children to control body and impulses
  •  Helps children see their gifts


Shambalakids developed a guided imagery CD using Progressive Relaxation techniques and Positive Visualization to help children calm down and channel abundant energy in creative and positive ways.   This CD is composed of two sessions:

Physical/Mental: Children are led through a complete progressive relaxation. This meditation then focuses on memory, concentration, focus, self esteem, success at school and positive visualizations of self. They are then encouraged to let go of frustration and negativity that sometimes comes from negative self-talk.

Your child will be taught a grounding technique for times when quiet and calm is needed and to use the cue word of “calm” to ground themselves and let go of excess energy. Children are encouraged to let their light shine bright and integrate their busy minds fully with their body.

Emotional Intelligence: After complete relaxation, children are given reinforcement of suggestions in first meditation and then to pay close attention to other people’s responses and emotions. ADHD children (or children who show characteristics of ADHD) are often  spontaneous and they often neglect to take social cues from their environment. They are given suggestions to pay close attention to what others say and feel, and notice when people around them are feeling comfortable and when they are not.  They are encouraged to listen with their heart, to be thoughtful and also take cues from others’ body language and actions. They are guided to look at others for good and appropriate examples while being discriminate as to how they choose to act. Children are reminded that good friends are made and kept by paying close attention to others and to think about result of their actions and making sure it’s good and kind for everyone. They will see their “gift” but are guided to improve areas that need attention. Calming and relaxing for every child.

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